International Faculty

Dr Thomas Ebner (Austria)

Thomas Ebner, PhD, graduated with honours from the University of Salzburg, Austria, in 1992. Completing his doctorate and post-doctoral thesis, he became a university professor in Linz, Salzburg and Graz. He has published more than 160 papers and book chapters as first and co-author. Research interests include time-lapse imaging, artificial gamete activation, non-invasive IVF selection processes and culture media. He was certified as a senior clinical embryologist by ESHRE in 2008. He was Executive Board Member of both ALPHA - Scientists in Reproductive Medicine and ESHRE.

Dr Thomas Ebner

Dr Birol Aydin (Ukraine)

01/01/2019 – CURRENT – KIEV, Ukraine


13 years of working experience in embryology and andrology, work practice in 20 different countries in embryology field. Which has actively worked position in: Australia, Sweden, Finland, Turkey, Serbia, Macedonia, Estonia, Georgia, Cyprus, Albania, Ukraine and other. Already 10 IVF center of embryology andrology laboratory design and set up! 10 years’ experience of donor egg banking and oocyte cryopreservation.

Practice in IVF center by fresh and frozen ICSI/ ET more than 50.000 cycles; Practice in IVF center by PGS&PGD more than 15000 cycles; Practice in IVF center by egg donation more than 10000 cycles; Practice in Spindle and Nuclear Transfer 39 cycles and 17 official pregnancy and 8 live birth

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Dr Birol Aydin
(Ukraine )

Dr Scott Leer (UK)

International Sales Director, Zymot Fertility Inc
Mr. Leer brings over twenty years of experience in reproductive medicine and women’s health to ZyMōt Fertility. Having established and managed sales distribution partnership networks in more than 65 countries throughout his career, as well as having developed and launched innovative products to the fertility market, Mr. Leer brings important depth and on-the-ground experience to the team as we continue our efforts to drive market penetration globally. Based out of the United Kingdom, Mr. Leer has held senior business development and sales management positions with market leading companies, such as Merck Serono, Cooper Origio and Igenomix. His earlier experiences involved establishing and managing sales, marketing and distribution capabilities for medical device products throughout Europe, Asia, the Middle East, the United States, and South America. Mr. Leer received his formal qualifications in Business and Finance from Portsmouth College in the UK.

Dr Scott Leer

Romualdo Sciorio MSc BSc Honours (Italy)

Romualdo holds a degree in Science Biology with 110/110 cum laudem at University of Naples “Federico II”, and a master degree in Science and Biotechnology from Napier University Scotland. Almost 30 years of experience in assisted reproductive techniques, pre-implantation genetic testing and cryopreservation. He has worked within research and clinical embryology across Italy, Europe, Australia, Canada, India and in the Middle East. He is state registered clinical scientist (HCPC), holds an ICSI and embryo biopsy license. His current interests include embryo culture to the blastocyst stage, time-lapse technology and vitrification. He is author and co-author of about 50 peer-reviewed papers, and been invited to speak in more than 100 national and international scientific meetings. Since 2019, he is working internationally as consultant embryologist.

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Dr Romualdo Sciorio

Dr Adolfo Farias (Mexico)

Biomedical Engineer with a Master's in Biotechnology and Ph.D. in Computational Biology. Joined IVF2.0 Limited in 2019 where he was the project lead and main developer of ERICA, a machine learning-based system for embryo ranking. In 2021, he became de Head of Research at the same company, where he focuses mainly on producing, improving, and validating machine learning algorithms for ranking and selecting gametes and embryos to optimize outcomes such as blastocyst formation and clinical pregnancy.

Dr Adolfo Farias

Mattan Levi (Israel)

Director of IVF laboratory, Meir Medical Center, Israel.

Scientific consultant at QART Medical, Israel.

Consultant and visiting scientist in the laboratory of Prof. Natan Shaked, Faculty of Engineering, Tel Aviv University.

Founder and director of oncology research laboratory, Rabin Medical Center, Israel.

Founder and director of andrology medical laboratory, Herzliya Medical Center, Israel.

Embryology, Histology and Molecular Imaging Instructor and teaching fellow, Faculty of Medicine, Tel Aviv University, Israel.

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Dr Mattan Levi

Rachel Chin (Malaysia)

Rachel Chin has more than 17 years working as a clinical embryologist. She and the medical team successfully instituted human blastocyst culture and transfer program, the first in Malaysia. The team also produced the first frozen-thawed blastocyst transfer pregnancy in Malaysia.

As a Laboratory Manager and IVF Consultant, both in Malaysia and China, she has great experience in managing multiple busy IVF laboratories by standardizing SOPs, setting up training programs, and ensuring the competency of each laboratory personnel meets the local and international standards. Over the years, she has also been offering consultancy services to IVF centers in APAC region such as the Philippines, Sri Lanka and China.

In 2016, LifeGlobal Group LLC engaged her as Asia Technical Support Manager. In 2018, she became part of CooperSurgical APAC team as Clinical Application Manager to support all embryologists in APAC region by providing trainings, clinical supports, sharing good practices, and trouble-shootings.

Rachel Chin