Oral/Poster Presentation

Oral Presentation

Clinical Oral Presentations - 24th September 8.00-9:00 am in Clinical Hall
Name of Presenting Author Abstract Title
Dr. Ashish Fauzdar The Clinical Significance Chromosome Polymorphism (Cpm) In Recurrent Pregnancy Loss (Cpm) Patient: Can They Still Be Considered As Normal Variant In 21St Century?
Dr. Gayathiri Ganesan Ram Role Of Antioxidants (Oral) On Male Infertility - Simpler Methods Still Survive....
Dr. Ioannis Giakoumakis Improvement Of Pregnancy Rates In A Surrogate Motherhood Program After Enhancement Of The Leydig Cellular Secretory Function Of The Male Partner
Dr. Rashmi Yogish High Live Birth Rates After Low-Dose Immunization Therapy With Partner Lymphocytes In Patients With Recurrent Miscarriage
Ms. Alvita Sanjana Impact Of Gonadotropin Releasing Hormone Agonist (Gnrha) Co-Treatment On Human Granulosa Cells Exposed To Chemotherapy Drugs In Vitro
Dr. Charu Jandial Covid-19 , Does It Affect The The Ovarian Reserve ?
Embryology Oral Presentations - 24th September 8.00-10:00 am in Faculty Lounge
Ms. Ameya Jijo Comparison Of Metabolite Signatures Of Sibling Blastocysts Inseminated By Conventional In Vitro Fertilization (Ivf) And Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (Icsi) Using Sensitivity Enhanced Nmr Spectroscopy
Ms. Amita Subramanian Does Time Interval Between Onset Of Post Wash Sperm Incubation To Iui And Total Motile Sperm Count Affect Iui Outcomes?
Dr. Amit Vijay Mane Impact Of Sperm Incubation Period Prior To Icsi On Art Outcomes
Dr. Deepthi Repalle Role Of Female Age In Regulating The Effect Of Sperm Dna Fragmentation On The Live Birth Rates In Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection Cycles With Own And Donor Oocytes
Mr. Huidrom Yaiphaba Meitei Impact Of Buffering Systems Used During Sperm Preparation On Sperm Functional Competence
Dr.Nihar Bhoi Geographical Distribution Of Abnormal Semen Quality Parameters In Men Visiting Tertiary Care Infertility Centers Across India
Dr.Piyush N Kakadiya Impact Assessment Of Audit System In The Ivf Laboratories For Qms A Multicentric Approach. 
Ms. Priyadharshini Satyamoorthy Automated (Sqa-Io) Vs Manual Microscopic Measurement Of Sperm Parameters A Double-Blinded Prospective Study
Ms. Riddhi Pandya Retained Sperm Epigenetic Signature Influences The Pre-Implantation Embryo Developmental Outcomes
Mr. Shridhar Amanchi Comparative Study Of Oocyte Number, Quality, Fertilization And Embryo Quality In Follicular Phase Stimulation Verses Luteal Phase Stimulation In Patients Undergoing Dual Stimulation Duostim Protocol At Bavishi Fertility Institute.
Mrs. Sowmya C Comparing Outcomes After Transfer Of The Only Available Poor Quality Embryos Versus Combined Good And Poor Quality Embryos
Dr. Shimoni Shah The Effect Of Paternal Age On The Reproductive Outcomes In Donor Oocyte Cycles

E-Poster Presentation

E-Poster Presentation - 24th September - 1:00-2:00 pm
Name of Presenting Author Selected for  Abstract Title
Ancy Oommen Clinical Effect Of The Presence Of Blood And Mucus At Embryo Transfer On Ivf Pregnancy Outcome
Aneesha Grover Clinical Comparison Of Pregnancy Outcomes Between Day 3, Day 5 And Dual Transfer In Frozen Embryo Transfer Cycles
Aparna Kaja Clinical Time-Lapse Microscopy And Quantitative Fluorescent Pcr Are Novel Tools For Increased Precision Reporting In Ivf Cases
Bharathi Rajanna Clinical Evaluation Of The Effectiveness Of Shazam Based Artificial Intelligence And Regenerative Medicine Strategies For Improving Endometrial Thickness
Chandrika Neelakandan Clinical Comparison Of Varying Degrees Dna Fragmentation Index On The Clinical Outcome Of Icsi 
Garima Sharma Clinical Gnrh Agonist Versus Hcg Trigger:Yield Of Mature Oocytes
Hiral Chaudhary Clinical Association Between Anti-Mullerian Hormone Gene Polymorphism In Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Women From Gujarat
Jalpa Patel Clinical Determination Of Bisphenol A Level And Its Association With Measures Of Ovarian Reserve In Pcos Women From A Fertility Clinic
Manisha Khan Clinical The Efficacy & Clinical Outcome Of Fresh V/S Vitrified-Warmed Blastocyst Transfer Cycles
Megha Solanki Clinical Effect Of Sperm Dna Fragmentation On Recurrent Pregnancy Loss: A Cross-Sectional Study
Padma Hariram Govind Clinical Anti Mullerian Hormone Levels Can Predict The Ivf Pregnancy Outcome But Not The Oocyte Quality Or Blastulation Rate
Rashmi Yogish Clinical Reproductive Outcomes In Patients With Refractory Thin Endometrium After Autologous Bone Marrow Regenerative Cell Therapy (Abm-Rct) A Case Series 
Ruchi Hooda Clinical Comparative Study Between The Clinical Outcome Of Icsi Between Non Obstructive And Obstructive Azoospermia.
Sahityalakshmi Manoharan Clinical Impact Of Melatonin Supplementation In Women With Infertility Undergoing Intrauterine Insemination.
Aarshiya Rai Sharma Embryology ICE- AGE BABIES Implementation of a Universal warming protocol: An approach to simplify vitrification
Akshatha D P Embryology Impact Of Advanced Maternal Age On Preimplantation Development And Cryotolerance Of Embryos Derived From Vitrified Oocytes
Akshaya P Embryology Role Of Day 4 Embryo Morphological Assessment And Vitrification By Evaluating Post Warming Survival Rates Along With Subsequent Implantation Rates: A Comparative Study
Anita Parmar Embryology Effect Of Female Age On Pregnancy Outcome In >1300 Iui Cycles
Anuj Kumar Raja Embryology Comparison Of Live Birth Rates After Double Embryo Blastocyst Transfer Vs Elective Single Embryo Blastocyst Transfer 
Arpan Ghoshal Embryology Effect Of Artificial Oocyte Activation (Aoa) Can Improve Embryo Development And Pregnancy Outcome Rate In Frozen -Thaw Oocyte Icsi Cycle
Arshi Babbar Embryology Advanced Paternal Age And Sperm Dna Fragmentation Index: A Correlation 
Arushi Chaudhary Embryology Mfss Vs Density Gradient Vs Swim Up To Yield Sperms With Reduced Dfi For Patients Undergoing Ivf-Icsi
Ashok Sawant Embryology Studying Outcomes Of Ivf Cycles With 2 Pn Stage Zygote Vitrification
Bhavani B Embryology Magnetic-Activated Cell Sorting (Macs): A Useful Sperm Selection Technique In Case Of Poor Oocyte Quality.
Charulata Chatterjee Embryology Predective Value Of Test Thaw For Azoospermic Men Undergoing Testicular Sperm Retrieval& Freezing
Charulata Chatterjee Embryology A Comparison Of Icsi Outcomes With Fresh And Cryopreserved Sperm In Donor Oocyte Cycles
Divya Deeleep Bhagat Amonkar Embryology Influence Of Bovine Ovarian Tissue Thickness And Culture Conditions On Follicle Maturation In-Vitro 
Fairy Desai Embryology Evaluation Of Semen Analysis Before And After Covid-19 Vaccination In Southern India Region.
Itishree Anindita Embryology Sperm Selection In Men Having High Dfi For Better Clinical Pregnancy Outcomes: Pesa Vs Ejaculated Semen Samples
Jeevitha K Embryology Comparison Of Outcomes Between Euploid Blastocysts Vitrified - Thawed Once Versus Those Vitrified - Thawed Twice In Frozen Transfer Cycles
Jishnu Satheesh Embryology Fertilization, Embryo Development And Euploidy Rate Using The Zymotetm Device For Sperm Preparation In Higher Dfi Patients.
Kavya M P Embryology Embryo Quality And Pregnancy Rate In Ivf Cycle With Or Without Gonadotropin In Natural Cycle Among Patients Having Low Ovarian Reserve
Keshav Malhotra Embryology Errors In Ivf Laboratories: Risks Assessment And Mitigation 
Khushbu Patel Embryology Retrospective Analysis Of Iui Outcome To Understand The Influence Of Total Progressive Motile Sperm Count(Tpmsc) In The Patients Undergoing Iui Treatment At Nova Ivf Fertility, Ahmedabad Between January 2020 To June 2022.
Komal Singh Bisht Embryology Cleavage Stage Vs Blastocysts Stage Embryo Transfer In Poor Ovarian Reserve
Kothai Natchiyar Anbazhagan Embryology Fragility Of The Oolemma Is An Inherent Quality Of Individual Oocytes And Fragile Oocytes Have Low Developmental Potential When Compared With Normal Resistance Oocytes. 
Mahendra Bhalodiya Embryology Impact Of Abnormal Sperm Morphology Percentage By Krugers Criteria, On Ivf-Icsi Outcome
Manisha Khan Embryology Predicting Implantation Potential Of An Embryo On The Basis Of Trophectoderm Grading
Manoharan Shunmuga Sundram Embryology Microrna And Male Infertility
Mohini Sharma Embryology Outcome Of M1 Oocytes After Icsi
Muralidhar Babu CV Embryology Clinical Pregnancy Outcomes Using Fresh Ejaculate Vs Pesa
Prabavathy Ramalingam Embryology Efficiency Of Laser Assisted Hatching On Frozen Thawed Blastocyst Transfer Cycle
Priyanga Thomas Embryology Effect Of Embryo Glue And Single Step As A Transfer Medium In The Outcomes Of Pregnancy Rates Between Average And Poor Oocyte Quality.
Radha Krishnan Deventhiran Embryology Comparison Of Microfluid Sperm Sorting And Density Gradient Method For Use In Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection At Fertility Evaluation: A Single-Centre Experience
Radha Reddy Patlolla Embryology Impact Of Time Interval From Semen Processing To Intrauterine Insemination Over Pregnancy Outcome.
Rajesh Kumar Anandraj Embryology Oolemma Resistance In Intra-Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection And Its Impact On Fertilization Rate, Blastocyst Rate And Î’-Hcg Positive Rate In Group Culture
Ritu Mane Embryology Assessing The Suitability Of Dfi Or Hba Test As The Diagnostic Tools To Choose The Picsi As The Therapeutic Tool.
Samreen Mujawar Embryology Pgt-M With Hla Matching To Help Produce Thalassemia Free Savior Sibling For Couples Already Having One Thalassemia Major Child. Study Of Three Confirmed Disease Free And Hla Matched Children Born Through This Techniques At Bavishi Fertility Institute. 
Shangheetha Dillibabu Embryology Comparison Of Different Sperm Washing Techniques In Intrauterine Insemination And Their Clinical Outcomes
Sophia Maske Embryology Impact Of Short Ejaculatory Abstinence Period On The Day Of Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection On Clinical Outcome
Subashini Soundarrajan Embryology Advance Maternal Age Affects Oocyte Quality And Developmental Outcome In Ivf Cycles 
Subashini Soundarrajan Embryology Advanced Maternal Age Affects The Quality But Not The Viability Of Oocytes In Ivf Cycles 
Sumitha Madhavan Embryology A Retrospective Comparative Analysis Of Fertilization Rates And Pregnancy Outcomes In Normal Oocytes Vs Dysmorphic Oocytes Among Normal Ovarian Responders
Susmita Gupta Embryology A Comparision Of Density Gradient Centrifugation And Microfluidics Device Sperm Prepration Method In Patient With Astheno-Teratozoospermia
Tirupati Jai Ganesh Embryology Fertilization and Blastulation rates in oocytes with large PVS and debris in PVS. (LDPVS)
Varsha Kumawat Embryology Effect Of Two Different Brands Of Light Culture Oil On Useable Embryo Rates In Icsi Cycles
Vidyashree M C Embryology To Evaluate The Influence Of Bmi On The Sperm Dna Fragmentationâ In The Infertile Couple After The Sar Covid-19 Era